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Characteristics of HONEYTRUFFLE

HONEYTRUFFLE is a story that should be experienced. It is energy, strength, but also a great power that a man should simply experience. It helps, above all, from the aspect of health, but also from the aspect of energy, efficient in many indications, but also efficient in balancing energy, finding and realizing potentials hidden in all of us, it acts as a stimulus for finding one’s own true path. All the indications where HONEYTRUFFLE may be efficient are listed below:

    • It improves the work of all organs
    • It increases mental and physical activity
    • It improves the organisms resistance to infections and diseases. It acts as an exceptional antiseptic
    • It lowers the blood pressure and it regulates the level of water in the organism (it is hygroscopic)
    • It can be used as a treatment for all types of flus or flu-like symptoms such as sneezing, common cold and dry cough
    • It cleans the blood from toxins and it is vital for the treatment of anemia
    • It increases the absorption of medicines and cleans the organism from harmful medicine residues
    • It is an aphrodisiac
    • It eliminates children’s bedwetting
    • It suppresses arthritic pain
    • Owing to the presence of the enzymes invertasis and amylasis – it prevents the problems in the digestive system
    • It has a soothing effect on the nervous system
    • It enables a peaceful and healthy sleep
    • It protects the blood vessels
    • It is an important therapeutic for many heart disruptions



Created with lots of love and pure energy, COSMIC HONEYTRUFFLE is the essence of modern living.


Due to the innovative nature of Honeytruffle we constantly make analyze and test its possibilities.

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