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Споредбена анализа

The content of all the component elements of the product is verified in accredited scientific laboratories. The specific composition is identical with the truffle mushroom, which is certified by an accredited laboratory.


The scientific analysis and examinations of the composition of honeytruffle are carried out in accredited laboratories in Switzerland, Belgium, and in the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts – in Macedonia under the direction of the academician PhD. Efremov.

ПThe distinctiveness of honeytruffle is due to its amino acid composition. Namely, it contains essential and non-essential amino acids, which are fundamental for the normal functioning of a human organism. What is of exceptional importance is that unlike non-essential amino acids, the human organism cannot produce essential amino acids and they should additionally enter the organism through food intake. Thus, all the essential amino acids can enter the human organism through honeytruffle.

Here follows the comparative analysis of honeytruffle and the truffle mushroom, carried out in the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts under the direction of academician Gjeorgji Efremov. Link.

The amino acid composition of honeytruffle enables the production of high biological proteins that participate in the creation of the protoplasm of each cell in the human organism.

In 2010, analysis of protein fractions was carried out. An identical number was identified, a total of 5 protein fractions of the truffle mushroom and honeytruffle.

Most important role of the proteins from honeytruffle:

  • Growth and development or generation and regeneration of the muscle tissue.
  • Replacement of damaged and dead cells.
  • Generation of a large number of enzymes (molecules that accelerate the biochemical process).
  • Generation of hormones – in the absence of which the bodily functions of the human organism cannot be imagined.
  • Creation of antibodies – which protect the body from diseases, or improve the immune system.
  • Regeneration of the hemoglobin in the red blood cells which carry oxygen to all the cells in the organism, or participate in the treatment of anemia.
  • Maintenance of the acid-base balance in the blood and normal distribution of water in the body.

Physiological importance of the essential amino acids

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Анализа Швајцарија


Created with lots of love and pure energy, COSMIC HONEYTRUFFLE is the essence of modern living.


Due to the innovative nature of Honeytruffle we constantly make analyze and test its possibilities.

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